Monday, 17 May 2010

The new Flash version of the website I've been working on for months (at the minor cost of my own sanity) has just been put online by my awesome bro. I expect the flood of money and fame to start rolling in any day now!!!

I've got a modelmaking gig lined up for a short film being made in london soon, can't wait to get started on that. Applying for a few other modelmaker/animator things too - fingers crossed I can get the ball rolling.

Also if anyones based/lives in west-midlands and hasnt heard of this - check out Viral Kitchen.
Its a pilot being run by the excellent guys over at Second Home I had the pleasure of working for a while back. Im definately applying and recommend everyone lend their support to it.

Theres even a glorious picture of the back of my head on their site (studio/production stills - Wizard of Oz no.4) animating the ingenious cotton-wool kebab!!! funtimes :)

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Brand Spanking New Blog!

Welcome to my new blog (I'll try and keep updated, honest).

If you havent already, check out the website


keep 'em peeled for updates :)