Saturday, 13 August 2011

Pilsner Urquell Stop Motion Paper Animation @ Second Home Studios

Sooooo...... an awesome advert I worked on over at Second Home Studios (after 3 months of punishing 6-7 day weeks - and 12 hour animating night-shifts) is finally live and looking absolutely ah-mazing.

A paper cut-out stop motion epic, working using mainly different types, thicknesses and grades of paper (created using ancient processes I didnt even know existed), and various other trade secrets obtained from the delicious juicy brain of Chris Randall (director @ Second Home) we hobbled together one of the most impressive pieces of animation never to have graced the national TV screen.

We're all so bloody proud of the final work and it was... almost ;p ...well worth our collective near-demise through physical and mental exhaustion and epic amounts of papercuts.

Mostly we had a day-to-day core team of about 6 of the most talented and ruggedly beautiful people Ive ever met, and a good arrangement of other freelancers, work experiencers, and key specialists.

Im so glad i was one of the guys working for what seemed like forever on this, and I hope the world enjoys the fruits of our boundless efforts. (If you've ever taken a lunch break at 3-4 in the morning, to chow-down on a bear's-bollock flavour Kingsize Pot Noodle as your only source of nourishment, you'd understand!!!)

enjoy :)

LAST CHECK - 160,000 hits on WHOOT WHOOT!!!

For a lil more info... SecondHomeStudios/Pilsner