Monday, 21 July 2014

Apparently I'm one of's 20 Top animators to follow on Twitter....

So this is weird. Turns out I'm one of Creative Bloq's 20 top animators to follow on Twitter... and I didn't even know until one of the other top 20 tweeted me a link to the article.

There's a bunch of animators and directors from Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks and cult indie animators with 10-20 year careers..... and then little old me. It's insane, and I'm just waiting for a painful email from them, telling me that they made a huge mistake and have to take me off the list. - 20 top animators to follow on Twitter

As the only Stop Motion animator on the list I might just be making up the token Stopmo quota, and there's so many other better people to put up there than me.  Please consider checking out....

@PeteLordAardman @SproxtonAardman (Aardman Founders)
@ernyberny (Morph Director, Creative Director of Wallace & Gromit), 
@will_becher (Aardman Director/Animator)
@TimAnimation (Animator on everything, ever)
@JuliaLMcLean (Clangers Animator, shares lots of job posts)

As they pointed out, I try and regularly share stop-mo related jobs and opportunities, but it's at least given me an extra incentive to try and be better and more active, and keep focusing on pushing Stop motion in this CG dominated age.

To quote my delightful sister ........ "calm down you're only number 15"

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